president Barrack Obama poetry

If i sleep, will i wake.

Courage to do, but fear to fail.

I open my eyes, white house is where i stay.

Only Obama lives in this kingdom.

Real beauty never fades, kings born by slaves.

Black on top of states, everyone was amazed.

Every hour everyday, i live to make a change.

Only Obama lives in this kingdom.

Sometimes i feel lonely, when everyone is not around.

I am a black president, who can joke with my crown.

America is my home, if lost you will be found.

Only Obama lives in this kingdom.

Brought in chains, everyone would say.

Who is your father, give me his name.

Doubts in their minds, should they choose my ways.

Only Obama lives in this kingdom.

I have spears in my hand, everyone fears what i have.

With a touch of a button, the whole earth turns to dust.

Allies i have like Japan, who can resist my command.

Only Obama lives in this kingdom.

I found love, her name is Mitchel.

She loves me yes, even when angry as hell.

Hiding my failures with a shell, for me she gives her best.

Only Obama lives in this kingdom.

I want peace, but there must be war.

The world is broken, what a great fall.

Even today am asked, where are you from.

Only Obama lives in this kingdom.

Two beautiful daughters, make my world.

I want more, but the son is too hot.

My father a kenyan born.

Only Obama lives in this kingdom.

I will not rule forever, next election there will be another.

When i am done will they say, i wish you had stayed longer.

Words i miss to say, ‘may God bless the united states of America.

Only Obama lives in this kingdom.

Soldiers die, yet with a smile.

A price they can’t pay, is loosing their pride.

All day waiting, for my command to strike.

Only Obama lives in this kingdom.

Did i use my power to save or to harm?

Did i care enough by creating obama care?

should i drop that bom on Osama’s land.

Only Obama lives in this kingdom.


Barrack Obama is the first black united states of a America president to rule for two terms. That is a total of eight years. His presidential bid was met with a lot of opposition because of his skin colour. But his narrative on what he would do when elected as president changed all of that. His father was a kenyan, born in Kisumu county. His mother a white united states citizen. The strings of love brought them together and the little Obama was born.



Who has the power to bargain with God. I guess the silent means no one. Immortality is a fantasy and a movie theory brought into virtual reality. Brings the question what is real and what is not. Most of us in this cruel life don’t have the power to choose but we only submit to our tyrant leaders. They say an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth yet they blind fold us and take all our teeth. Sometimes we read novels and articles to relax our minds but do we even care about the writers state of mind.

Words of life only come from the Bible. If I read all of them maybe I Will never die. But why is so that next week I am burying my pastor. Maybe being alive does not mean being present physically. But try to convince that to a dying man. Everyday we wear ourselves out with work just trying to have a good life. Is there a good and a bad life? I don’t think so. What makes the difference is that there is a life full of challenges which make multiple discomfortdiscomfort. And there is a life full of opportunities and all the goodies that come with it.

Everyone wants to be someone but if I poop who will wipe my ass. Only money can determine that. People want to gain the whole world but no one wants to bear the load. Too much wantings how I wish they were weightless. Long time ago currency used to be inform of gold, silver, bronze and all other precious stones we admire today. It is crazy that today we buy thee precious stones using paper currency which is of lesser value. Who tricked who. Is it the Egyptians who built the pyramids and disappeared. Is it the maji maji rebellion of Tanzania. Is it the criminals and tyrants in government who appointed themselves as leaders.

I will never die is the words I repeat when I walk in the streets and see kids calling themselves adults therefore entitled to do as they wish. Who is a child and who is a grownup. Just because I cry does that mean I am a big baby or sometimes my girlfriend is in the mood of sex and I am not so she f**ks me instead. Does it mean she has raped me. “It feels good when she does that. Now back to where we were”. No!

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naked letters

I have seen generations come and I have seen them gone from this world. What I don’t understand is why don’t they learn from the previous mistakes of their forefathers. They are ready to learn the future but they show no interest on what happened in the past. Long time ago I called my humble servant Abraham. When i introduced myself to him he knew nothing about Me. But he gave me a chance for me to be in his life. And from that day i took him as my son. My own dear son. He lived in a place where the people worshiped idols but I took him away from that place and I showed him a place to stay. A land of milk and honey. A land of no sorrow but a land of happiness. A land where he prospered in everything he did. It was a land I had designed a longtime ago. It was a land I knew existed and I protected it with my life. I protected it with my life so that my humble servant can live there with all his great grandchildren. This was done longtime ago and I remember all of it like it was done yesterday. My beloved people what I did a longtime ago will never be forgotten even in the greatest future to come because I am the God of yesterday and of today. What I said I will do yesterday is already done. And what I predict about tomorrow will happen. So listen and listen very well, I love you with all of my heart and I want you always to remember that your time is running out. No one knows about tomorrow except me. You may boast about today but I don’t boast about giving everyone a chance everyday so that they can change their ways. I have used my servants all over the world to speak to you, but everytime you abuse them and beat them. Times have changed and this time no mercy or sympathy will be used. Everyone will be measured and weighed on the same weighing scales. Today I use letters to talk to you so listen my own dear people. For many years you have been sturborn. I have tried to sing to you but you don’t listen. Why don’t you take me seriously. Why do you do things your own way. I created this world and I designed every part of it. As my own house I know the kitchen. I know the bedroom. I know the sitting room the bathroom as well as the balcony. But you sleep in the kitchen instead of sleeping in the bedroom. My people why.

president yoweri museveni poetry

Age is not on my side.

presidents seasons

If i were asked i would never step aside.

Who has the guts to take whats mine?

Only museveni lives in this kingdom.

Today i am alive and Uganda is my pride.

The old generation accept my vibe.

I stand like a lion in this trying times.

Only museveni lives in this kingdom.

37 years is not enough time.

If God permits i want sixtyfive.

A hero i will be even for the new child.

Only museveni lives thiskingdom.

A stitch in time saves nine.

I was a soldier when uganda was dying.

A heartless leader was breaking our spine.

Only museveni lives in this kingdom.

Fighting in the jungle that was the hustle.

I was not weak i had the muscle.

Amin was fire but i lit a candle.

Only museveni lives in this kingdom.

If am wrong i stand to be corrected.

Kids ask questions who says permittion granted.

Yes i sit and i dont want to be tested.

Only museveni lives in thiskingdom.

I love uganda with all my heart.

If the new generation knew i would be their star.

I dont sleep at night with all their buzz.

Only musevni lives in this kingdom.

Who is worthy to lead after am done.

Who can give Uganda what i never had.

I am sorry but i only trust my son.

Only museveni lives in this kingdom.

If i was to cry, i would cry for my people.

They cry in times of joy and laugh in times of trouble.

Who can understand their useless rumble?

Only Mseveni lives in this kingdom.

When I was young I loved to dance.

My sweet country I gave everyone a chance.

Why now all your backs have turned.

Only Museveni leads this kingdom.

If today am gone i will leave a better uganda.

better schools, hospitals and roads to Kampala.

The only thing missing is the smile of Uganda.

Only Mseveni lives in this kingdom.


President Yoweri Mseveni is the second president of Uganda whom assumed power from Idi Amin Dada who was the first president. The old generation see him as a hero from saving them from the cruelness of the first president, but the new millennium see him as an archaic fossil who has refused to give up power.

Seasons – G tarlis

Good always overcomes evil

Pain is always sharp like a needle

But who has the time for riddles

Take off your shoes this is my kingdom

Kings marry queens in seasons

Prince have sex with idiots

where are fathers who marry once for generations

Take off your shoes this is my kingdom

Good turns bad when mixed with poison

The fastest now ending in slow motion

Who has the answer to this equation

Take off your shoes this is my kingdom

First come first serve is the solution

If only i had the power to all the options

I would choose everything with no obligation

Take off your shoes this is my kingdom

I sleep but i don’t sleep. What is wrong?

I listen but i don’t hear. What is going on?

I see but i don’t see. What is not?

Take off your shoes this is my kingdom

What is below will be on top

If i were Michael Jackson i would sing pop

But there is so much money in rock

Take off your shoes this is my kingdom

If she loves me how will it be?

How about Mary who sings for me?

If the world ends will i be fulfilled?

Take off your shoes this is my kingdom

Amazing grace is what i sing

In this festive will my Mary sing

Thy Christ is born bring thy gift

Take off your shoes this is my kingdom

Love is blind we met in zoom

Too much garbage i need a broom

She is the bride but i acting like a bridegroom

Take off your shoes this is my kingdom

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth

when someone takes a shirt give even the shoes

Pride comes before a fall you should know

Take off your shoes this is my kingdom

Better late than never you should remember

I forgive sins to all my offenders

To enter heaven you must be a member

Only G tarlis who lives in this kingdom

foreign used cars

The fastest way to get rich quick is to sell gold, silver and cars. And therefore the greatest invention by man happens to be the wheel, which has played a very significant role in the life of man. From the early AD’s the wheel has been gradually developed into various forms and shapes according to the needs of the so called man. Creativity is a part of man, as man is a part of creation. And this led to our genius brothers and sisters in creating the first automobile vehicle. It is funny that vehicles are used to save lives and at the same time they cause accidents and death. I can say that nothing is 1000/0 safe, even condoms burst only to realize later after you have enjoyed yourself to the brim. But that is the irony of life. When you think you are most covered it is when your butt is naked. Ok lets stop with all the nudity and concentrate on some comfortable luxurious cars. First world countries obviously get the best products, for example new cars, clothes, fresh fruits and vegetables. But what does second world countries get? Let alone second, how about third world countries. They say that money is power and therefore the high currency will always sit on the weak currency. But everything has it’s advantage and disadvantage. Since second and third world countries can’t afford the newest made cars, we have decided to use our weakness to our advantage. We all agreed to allow the citizens of the first world countries to use the cars for a period of time, then we can buy them from them on a cheaper price. And that is business. Car dealers import vehicles which are foreign used because the market is so huge in especially in Africa. But who cares if the machine is used or not. As long as your home parking is not empty anymore and it is covered by a huge BMW or an LX 500 lable i think all is well. Some of the new arrivals may encounter a few mechanical challenges, but after adapting to the harsh climatic terrain of Africa it behaves like a carmel in the Sahara desert. Strong and ready to cover many kilometres in the hot sun.

fake money

What is the difference between real and fake ideas? Yet all of them originated from an original mind. Sometime we say this person is fake and the other one is legit. But what i consider to differentiate is money power and sex. Yes i said it, lots of sex. All these are human desires that makes us feel more alive. Life is unfair and it will never be. What really makes a man? Is it his ability to make more money and look down on the less fortunate. Or is it his ability to love his own and care for them with the little that he has. The first time i saw a fake dollar it was in my fathers wallet. And on the back of it, was written ” don’t call your fake relatives near me “. That is how i new it was a fake one. But who has the time to check real and fake money. In our daily business lives we assume that the exchange of goods and currency is legit. If salt looses it’s saltiness it is declared worthless, but what if money looses it’s moneyness what does it become . Maybe we should go back to the ancient times when our forefathers traded food for security and the women traded shelter for sex. How i wish i had answers for everything. Life is a riddle that one person understands and the other person does not. I like african proverbs because they have great meaning, and at the same time they make me laugh because the people who use them in their speeches do a complete opposite of their narative. What if Jesus preaching had no miracles? Would the people have believed in him. Human beings are moved by visuals. We see then we react, and we listen then we wait. How can i be myself and not please a crowd, yet i want to please the person i love. Love is blind they say. It can make a mountain to fall on a small hill. When i was a child i wanted to be a pilot and my sister wanted to be a doctor when we were grownups. But a long the way something shrunk our big dreams. Now i write to people about my success and failures in life, and my sister wants to be a wife of any hardworking man.

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