naked letters

I have seen generations come and I have seen them gone from this world. What I don’t understand is why don’t they learn from the previous mistakes of their forefathers. They are ready to learn the future but they show no interest on what happened in the past. Long time ago I called my humble servant Abraham. When i introduced myself to him he knew nothing about Me. But he gave me a chance for me to be in his life. And from that day i took him as my son. My own dear son. He lived in a place where the people worshiped idols but I took him away from that place and I showed him a place to stay. A land of milk and honey. A land of no sorrow but a land of happiness. A land where he prospered in everything he did. It was a land I had designed a longtime ago. It was a land I knew existed and I protected it with my life. I protected it with my life so that my humble servant can live there with all his great grandchildren. This was done longtime ago and I remember all of it like it was done yesterday. My beloved people what I did a longtime ago will never be forgotten even in the greatest future to come because I am the God of yesterday and of today. What I said I will do yesterday is already done. And what I predict about tomorrow will happen. So listen and listen very well, I love you with all of my heart and I want you always to remember that your time is running out. No one knows about tomorrow except me. You may boast about today but I don’t boast about giving everyone a chance everyday so that they can change their ways. I have used my servants all over the world to speak to you, but everytime you abuse them and beat them. Times have changed and this time no mercy or sympathy will be used. Everyone will be measured and weighed on the same weighing scales. Today I use letters to talk to you so listen my own dear people. For many years you have been sturborn. I have tried to sing to you but you don’t listen. Why don’t you take me seriously. Why do you do things your own way. I created this world and I designed every part of it. As my own house I know the kitchen. I know the bedroom. I know the sitting room the bathroom as well as the balcony. But you sleep in the kitchen instead of sleeping in the bedroom. My people why.


Man cannot feed from bread alone but also listening to some great music. Enjoy my content as I try everyday to get better. Welcome

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