president yoweri museveni poetry

Age is not on my side.

presidents seasons

If i were asked i would never step aside.

Who has the guts to take whats mine?

Only museveni lives in this kingdom.

Today i am alive and Uganda is my pride.

The old generation accept my vibe.

I stand like a lion in this trying times.

Only museveni lives in this kingdom.

37 years is not enough time.

If God permits i want sixtyfive.

A hero i will be even for the new child.

Only museveni lives thiskingdom.

A stitch in time saves nine.

I was a soldier when uganda was dying.

A heartless leader was breaking our spine.

Only museveni lives in this kingdom.

Fighting in the jungle that was the hustle.

I was not weak i had the muscle.

Amin was fire but i lit a candle.

Only museveni lives in this kingdom.

If am wrong i stand to be corrected.

Kids ask questions who says permittion granted.

Yes i sit and i dont want to be tested.

Only museveni lives in thiskingdom.

I love uganda with all my heart.

If the new generation knew i would be their star.

I dont sleep at night with all their buzz.

Only musevni lives in this kingdom.

Who is worthy to lead after am done.

Who can give Uganda what i never had.

I am sorry but i only trust my son.

Only museveni lives in this kingdom.

If i was to cry, i would cry for my people.

They cry in times of joy and laugh in times of trouble.

Who can understand their useless rumble?

Only Mseveni lives in this kingdom.

When I was young I loved to dance.

My sweet country I gave everyone a chance.

Why now all your backs have turned.

Only Museveni leads this kingdom.

If today am gone i will leave a better uganda.

better schools, hospitals and roads to Kampala.

The only thing missing is the smile of Uganda.

Only Mseveni lives in this kingdom.


President Yoweri Mseveni is the second president of Uganda whom assumed power from Idi Amin Dada who was the first president. The old generation see him as a hero from saving them from the cruelness of the first president, but the new millennium see him as an archaic fossil who has refused to give up power.


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