foreign used cars

The fastest way to get rich quick is to sell gold, silver and cars. And therefore the greatest invention by man happens to be the wheel, which has played a very significant role in the life of man. From the early AD’s the wheel has been gradually developed into various forms and shapes according to the needs of the so called man. Creativity is a part of man, as man is a part of creation. And this led to our genius brothers and sisters in creating the first automobile vehicle. It is funny that vehicles are used to save lives and at the same time they cause accidents and death. I can say that nothing is 1000/0 safe, even condoms burst only to realize later after you have enjoyed yourself to the brim. But that is the irony of life. When you think you are most covered it is when your butt is naked. Ok lets stop with all the nudity and concentrate on some comfortable luxurious cars. First world countries obviously get the best products, for example new cars, clothes, fresh fruits and vegetables. But what does second world countries get? Let alone second, how about third world countries. They say that money is power and therefore the high currency will always sit on the weak currency. But everything has it’s advantage and disadvantage. Since second and third world countries can’t afford the newest made cars, we have decided to use our weakness to our advantage. We all agreed to allow the citizens of the first world countries to use the cars for a period of time, then we can buy them from them on a cheaper price. And that is business. Car dealers import vehicles which are foreign used because the market is so huge in especially in Africa. But who cares if the machine is used or not. As long as your home parking is not empty anymore and it is covered by a huge BMW or an LX 500 lable i think all is well. Some of the new arrivals may encounter a few mechanical challenges, but after adapting to the harsh climatic terrain of Africa it behaves like a carmel in the Sahara desert. Strong and ready to cover many kilometres in the hot sun.


Man cannot feed from bread alone but also listening to some great music. Enjoy my content as I try everyday to get better. Welcome

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