fake money

What is the difference between real and fake ideas? Yet all of them originated from an original mind. Sometime we say this person is fake and the other one is legit. But what i consider to differentiate is money power and sex. Yes i said it, lots of sex. All these are human desires that makes us feel more alive. Life is unfair and it will never be. What really makes a man? Is it his ability to make more money and look down on the less fortunate. Or is it his ability to love his own and care for them with the little that he has. The first time i saw a fake dollar it was in my fathers wallet. And on the back of it, was written ” don’t call your fake relatives near me “. That is how i new it was a fake one. But who has the time to check real and fake money. In our daily business lives we assume that the exchange of goods and currency is legit. If salt looses it’s saltiness it is declared worthless, but what if money looses it’s moneyness what does it become . Maybe we should go back to the ancient times when our forefathers traded food for security and the women traded shelter for sex. How i wish i had answers for everything. Life is a riddle that one person understands and the other person does not. I like african proverbs because they have great meaning, and at the same time they make me laugh because the people who use them in their speeches do a complete opposite of their narative. What if Jesus preaching had no miracles? Would the people have believed in him. Human beings are moved by visuals. We see then we react, and we listen then we wait. How can i be myself and not please a crowd, yet i want to please the person i love. Love is blind they say. It can make a mountain to fall on a small hill. When i was a child i wanted to be a pilot and my sister wanted to be a doctor when we were grownups. But a long the way something shrunk our big dreams. Now i write to people about my success and failures in life, and my sister wants to be a wife of any hardworking man.


Man cannot feed from bread alone but also listening to some great music. Enjoy my content as I try everyday to get better. Welcome

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