Who has the power to bargain with God. I guess the silent means no one. Immortality is a fantasy and a movie theory brought into virtual reality. Brings the question what is real and what is not. Most of us in this cruel life don’t have the power to choose but we only submit to our tyrant leaders. They say an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth yet they blind fold us and take all our teeth. Sometimes we read novels and articles to relax our minds but do we even care about the writers state of mind.

Words of life only come from the Bible. If I read all of them maybe I Will never die. But why is so that next week I am burying my pastor. Maybe being alive does not mean being present physically. But try to convince that to a dying man. Everyday we wear ourselves out with work just trying to have a good life. Is there a good and a bad life? I don’t think so. What makes the difference is that there is a life full of challenges which make multiple discomfortdiscomfort. And there is a life full of opportunities and all the goodies that come with it.

Everyone wants to be someone but if I poop who will wipe my ass. Only money can determine that. People want to gain the whole world but no one wants to bear the load. Too much wantings how I wish they were weightless. Long time ago currency used to be inform of gold, silver, bronze and all other precious stones we admire today. It is crazy that today we buy thee precious stones using paper currency which is of lesser value. Who tricked who. Is it the Egyptians who built the pyramids and disappeared. Is it the maji maji rebellion of Tanzania. Is it the criminals and tyrants in government who appointed themselves as leaders.

I will never die is the words I repeat when I walk in the streets and see kids calling themselves adults therefore entitled to do as they wish. Who is a child and who is a grownup. Just because I cry does that mean I am a big baby or sometimes my girlfriend is in the mood of sex and I am not so she f**ks me instead. Does it mean she has raped me. “It feels good when she does that. Now back to where we were”. No!

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Man cannot feed from bread alone but also listening to some great music. Enjoy my content as I try everyday to get better. Welcome

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